College4U re-shapes the college narrative and serves as a resource tool for students; specifically those of first-generation, alums, and families interested in college. We provide them with the enlightenment of resources and a network of support as they begin to explore education and career options. By implementing tools such as college essentials on financial aid, college terminology, and more, individuals from all walks of life including high school students, single-parents, and anyone who is interested in learning about college, can come together on C4U and increase their understanding of success. We acknowledge that attending a college or university is not the only option to become successful. College4U stands to promote breaking negative generational patterns through business and education. We want students to feel an increase in going to college, picking up a trade, or starting a business. We want businesses to leverage C4U to increase exposure. We want to collaborate with like-minded people that are using their talents to lead the next generation and their struggles to inspire others.

Got faith? We remind people that there are many ways to reach success while also promoting the importance of self-care and spirituality along the way!  Have an entrepreneurial mindset? We seek businesses and highly motivated individuals looking to take their business to the next level. 


Trades: Receiving a trade or short-term training certification has significant value. College4U reshapes the college narrative by highlighting the benefits of trade schools while developing our mobile app resources and college partnerships. Trades are affordable, marketable, and in many cases, monetizable with the appropriate strategies and skills. Completing a short term training inspires our youth because it instills fulfillment giving them the foundation and motivation to keep reaching their goals. Technology: STEM (Science Technology Engineering & Mathematics) is the present and future for the new age. C4U aims to provide opportunities in coding, and tech related subjects such as computer science. 


We also offer internships that help develop basic computer skills and provide exposure to mobile app management.


The average college student is in debt at least $30,000. However, there are a multitude of ways to go to college debt free or to be successful without being a part of the nation’s debt crisis. Once our students learn about financial aid, credit, investing, budgeting, savings, and overall how to manage their finances, they will be better equipped. Through our financial workshops, we teach students as early as elementary school about finances.


The pandemic has awakened young, ambitious individuals creating a surge in businesses. Youth entrepreneurship has been proven to improve academic performance, self awareness, job readiness, and overall develop self identities. Entrepreneurship is inspiring and is also a career path. We want children and young adults to be aware that this IS a potential career avenue to take.


One thing is for sure, we cannot be the absolute best versions of ourselves without strong faith. Faith is the foundational pillar of College4U. Through our wellness workshops and faith-based notifications, we give all thanks to the Most High, our Creator!


South Carolina TRIO Leadership Conference, 2020

College4u Gives Back, 2021

College4U hosted a community volunteer event passing out Easter dinners to those less fortunate in downtown Chicago.

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Giving back! Free food!

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Giving back event was a success!

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Study as a team to get results


College Tour to HBCU, Howard University, 2020

College Tour to Western Illinois University, 2020