Forgive yourself for not knowing what you didn’t know before you learned it.


My name is Aaliyah Terrell and I am a communications major. I am on my third year of college. I graduated high school in 2020 with a GPA of a 3.9 while taking honors and IB courses. I am currently on the Final Warning Dance Team at Northern Illinois University. Some of my interests including dancing, doing photo shoots, and hanging with my family. What I look forward the most with College4U is having new opportunities, gaining knowledge, and being able to share that with others. 


College4U is proud to employ interns between the age of 18 to 24 through our referral program agreement with community colleges and universities. Our interns come from diverse backgrounds and must be completing an approved program or certification to be eligible. Interns must have an interest in mobile apps, marketing management, business, communications, or similar fields. Interns have the luxury of completing their apprenticeship remotely and will work directly with the manager to determine length of program and specialty focus. Upon completion of the program, interns will receive a letter of recommendation and certificate of completion. See intern testimonials below: