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A Step Ahead Tutoring

At A Step Ahead Tutoring Services, we offer multiple online services under one roof! We offer 1-on-1 tutoring, test prep, college counseling, graduate school counseling, and editing/proofreading services. All online! We use popular platforms like Skype and Zoom to conduct our sessions.

Orange Daisies, LLC

Orange Daisies, LLC is a mental health and bath company. Our blog, Orange Daisies Blog, addresses Anxiety Disorder, OCD, and my Psychophysiological Insomnia. The blog has a variety of sections such as motivational people you should know, yoga, inspirational quotes, and healthy affordable meals. The blog serves as a central haven for overall wellness.

R.E.A.L. Girlz

Our mission is to provide young ladies with the
opportunity to grow through personal interaction that motivates them to excel in all facets of life. This organization will provide mentoring and guidance to develop these young ladies into prospective leaders in their communities and academic endeavors.

Clerical Solutions

UCES Protection Plan is an online Non Profit organization that has been established since 2004. The company, my team and I have helped an enormous amount of people to remove negative items from their CREDIT report. The UCES program will allow you to increase your score, and create positive financial habits to get approved for a home, car, business loans, personal loans and a plethora of things you desire. UCES also has a program that has issued over a million dollars in scholarships.