How to Get the Most Aid

Paying for college is the biggest concern for parents and students. First-generation students especially have a more difficult time navigating this financial process. This informative workshop is designed for parents, educators, and students that want to learn how to maximize their financial aid. During this workshop we will help you  identify and research schools that will give you the most money while also exploring unique strategies to avoid taking out loans! 

College Essentials at Your Fingertips

This introduction workshop is designed to break down the basics of college while also encouraging students to explore entrepreneurship. This interactive workshop will discuss the history of College4U and allow students to dive into their current understanding of college. Topics of discussion include: school selection, financial aid, student involvement, having a side hustle, and more.

Trade Your Way to Success

Getting a trade is a great way to level up during these times.This workshop introduces young adults to the world of trades while showing the multi-faceted ways that trades can be monetizable through innovation. After attending the workshop, attendees will be able to identify their career goals and understand the necessary credentials and training to pursue their goals.

The Facebook for Professionals

How to Create LinkedIn

How to make your profile stand out

Using LinkedIn to network

Secrets of the College Admission Process

What do colleges look for?

Choosing what schools to apply for

Application Process

Boost Your Professional Etiquette

Zoom and interview mannerisms

Professional communication

Dress attire and presentation

Securing the Bag

How to build a strong resume

Landing an interview

Acing each interview

Cracking the Code: How to Create a Mobile App

What do you need to start an app

How to monetize your app

Learn how to build your own app without coding!

Become Your Own Boss

Building your side hustle

What they don’t tell you about entrepreneurship

5 essential steps to start your business