Should I Further My Education Regardless of the Current Pandemic?

The reality of what is happening in our world right now is frightening… thousands of people are becoming infected with COVID-19 and are dying each day. We don’t know when this will end and there is a lot of uncertainty in our lives right now. This shouldn’t, however, define our anticipated plans or views of the future. We have to continue living our lives and making this world run! This pandemic will actually help make our world 100 times better. This is a critical time for reflection and improvement. We are learning from our mistakes and the whole world is preparing themselves to avoid repeating history again. Today I have put together a pros and cons list on whether or not you should further your education during the COVID-19 pandemic. How will you contribute to making a difference in this world?


  • Option of online learning, saving money on dorms, college fees, etc 
  • Reduce paper usage, less paper books, helping the environment.
  • Advancement of technology; we’re getting more creative! 
  • Opportunity to become a leader of the future.
  • We need scientists, researchers, doctors, nurses, public health advocates, engineers, historians, web developers, etc. and you could be part of that! 
  • You will set an example for future generations.


  • For the time being, college might not be the same as it used to be: dorm life, festivities, in-class lectures.
  • Studying abroad might be limited or have more rules/restrictions.
  • Uncertainty of the future. 

As you could see above, there are more pros than cons in continuing your education during this pandemic. I don’t think there should be limits in your education. Regardless of our current situation, I strongly believe you could contribute greatly in our future—even if you feel like you are not capable of making a difference. No matter what you decide, I do believe you should continue learning each and every day. Read, write, journal, watch documentaries, learn about people and the world. Do not limit your goals and dreams. 

If you are still debating over this topic, please feel free to reach out to the C4U team on receiving any advice, guidance, or direction, and we will be happy to guide you in the right path towards a bright future. 

Suzanne Serrano, 

Director of Outreach 

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