College4U  is created to assist those from all walks of life but specifically, first generation students, to navigate a significant transition in life as professionals by providing them with the essential tools and information to know how to prepare and be successful! Together we can overcome barriers and become the absolute best version of ourselves.

“Opportunities don’t always come to you in college or in life-you have to work for them, find them, and then they will start coming to you.”

College4U re-shapes the college narrative and serves as a resource tool for students; specifically those of first-generation, alums, and families interested in college. We provide them with the enlightenment of resources and a network of support as they begin to explore education and career options. By implementing tools such as college essentials on financial aid, college terminology, and more, individuals from all walks of life including high school students, single-parents, and anyone who is interested in learning about college, can come together on C4U and increase their understanding of success. We acknowledge that attending a college or university is not the only option to become successful. College4U stands to promote breaking negative generational patterns through business and education. We want students to feel an increase in going to college, picking up a trade, or starting a business. We want businesses to leverage C4U to increase exposure. We want to collaborate with like-minded people that are using their talents to lead the next generation and their struggles to inspire others. 


Got faith? We remind people that there are many ways to reach success while also promoting the importance of self-care and spirituality along the way! The mobile app has Christian notifications to keep you encouraged while on your success journey. Have an entrepreneurial mindset? We seek businesses and highly motivated individuals looking to take their business to the next level. Got a goal in mind? Consider striking up a conversation in one of the chats for motivation and encouragement. 


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Tami Williams

Founder/ CEO

As the first college graduate in her entire family, Tami has always been motivated to bring change to effectively help others from diverse walks of life. Tami received her Bachelor’s degree in Spanish Language and Literature with a minor in Political Science from Northern Illinois University. Shortly after, she founded College4U with the purpose of giving back to first-generation students to show them not only that higher education is possible, but that there are a multitude of pathways you can take to attain it! 


Tami grew up in a small family and was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She attended Irondale High School and has always been involved in various organizations that promote community development, leadership, cultural awareness, and more. Since graduating, Tami has been devoted to bringing college awareness to individuals from all walks of life to help them reach their success goals. 


Fun fact: She loves to dance!


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